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can i over-fertilize my plants can i over-fertilize my plants


Can I Over-Fertilize My Plants? What Are the Consequences? Gardening enthusiasts often find themselves pondering, “Can I over-fertilize my plants? What are the consequences?”...

Chiminea Smoke vs. Fire Pit Smoke Chiminea Smoke vs. Fire Pit Smoke

Lawn Tips

Chiminea Smoke VS. Fire Pit Smoke Smoke from a chiminea or fire pit is a common smoke that many of us have experienced, but...

Remove Mildew on Patio Remove Mildew on Patio

Lawn Tips

Why Your Patio Turns Green If you’re like me, you enjoy spending lots of time on your patio during the summer. Whether it’s enjoying...

cost to build backyard treehouse cost to build backyard treehouse

Outdoor Living

If you’re looking to add a backyard treehouse for your kids (or for yourself!), you might be wondering how much it will cost. The...

Natural Tick Treatment Natural Tick Treatment

Outdoor Living

Safe and Natural Yard Treatments for Ticks We all know that ticks are a problem in the yard and an even bigger problem for...

Spring Landscaping Spring Landscaping


The Best Reasons to Landscape For Spring It’s springtime! And spring in most places means a renewal of life in a garden. Many people...


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