It can be hard to know when tipping is appropriate. This is especially true when it comes to contractors that are working around your house. Everyone likes to be appreciated and thanked for a job well done. However, there are times when offering a cash tip is completely inappropriate. 

Should you tip fence contractors?
As a general rule, you don’t have to tip fence contractors. They are professionals in their field and are being compensated as such. A cash tip may be seen as an insult by some fence contractors. However, there are still ways to show your appreciation for their excellent work and attention to detail on your property! As a rule a reasonable tip for a fence contractor would be $20-$30 per day.

Thankfully, there are several ways besides a cash tip to thank a team of fence contractors for their assistance. Simple gestures like providing lunch, a cooler of cold drinks, write a google review or even writing a glowing recommendation can go a long way in boosting the morale of the team working on your project. As always, your unique situation will dictate the type of gesture that is most appropriate for the fence contractors working at your home.

Tipping Fence Contractors

Fence contractors and contractors of all types for that matter have become experts in their field. Because of this, a cash tip may be insulting to them. A professional fencing company or contractor will compensate its contractors appropriately for the quality of work they do. 

The one exception to this rule is when you have worked with an individual or team of fence contractors on multiple projects and established a relationship with them. In this situation, it may be acceptable to thank them for their loyal service in the form of a cash tip. If this is the case, it is always wise to do so after the installation is complete. Saving your cash gift until the holiday season and giving it as a gift rather than a tip for their services is also an excellent option.

Alternatives to Tipping Fence Contractors

Everyone likes to be appreciated for a job well done. Although a cash tip may not be appropriate in most situations, there are other ways to thank your team of fence contractors. The ideas listed below are just a few of the ways in which you can show your appreciation in a practical way. These simple gestures will be well accepted and appreciated by everyone working on the installation of your fence.

Provide Lunch During Installation

Providing lunch during the day of the installation is a great way to thank your team of fence contractors. Something as simple as ordering sandwiches or an easy meal from a local restaurant is always appreciated. Providing a meal allows your fence contractors to truly relax during their lunch break. If it is an especially cool or hot day, it is also nice to offer a place to enjoy their lunch if you feel comfortable doing so.

Set Up a Snack Station

Keep your team of fence contractors energized by setting up a small snack station near the area where they are working. Healthy snacks such as protein bars or fruit are always appreciated during a long day of physical labor.

snack station for fence contractors

lawn and yard careOffer Beverages Frequently

Fence contractors spend long days working outside, often in less than ideal weather conditions. Stocking a cooler full of ice-cold water or sports drinks is a great way to provide for a practical need during the day of installation. In the cooler fall or winter months, you can offer a warm thermos of coffee or hot chocolate to keep your team of fence contractors warm.

sports drink for fence installer

lawn and yard careWrite a Thank You Note

Writing a note of appreciation to the fencing company is a great way to thank the fence contractors that worked on your pool fence installation. Be sure to mention each fence contractor by name in your note! You can also mention a few of the reasons you appreciate their service and attention to detail. This is especially valuable for a fence contractor that is just starting to establish themselves in a company. 

Send a Gift

If you had a team of fence contractors that went above and beyond their job description while installing your fence, it may be appropriate to send a gift to their office. A gift of special treats or snacks can go a long way in expressing your gratitude for a job well done. 

It may also be appropriate to send a holiday gift to the office if you have worked with a fencing company on several occasions throughout the year. This can be a thoughtful gesture that will come at a time when they may not be expecting it.

Referring them to your friends and family. There are several ways you can easily refer a fencing company you had an incredible experience with. Sharing their business page on social media is an easy and effective way to promote the fencing business. Be sure to include a brief testimony of your personal experience with their services! In addition to sharing about your favorite fence contractor on social media, writing a review on platforms such as Google can be a great way to encourage strangers to use their services. A review on Google will only take a few minutes but can bring the fencing company several new customers.

how to tip fence installer

Final Thoughts

It is always nice to express your appreciation for others, no matter the role they play in the installation of your fence. Fence contractors are trained professionals. As such, they receive ample compensation from the fencing company. In most instances, a fence contractor would be offended by a cash tip or see it as a form of manipulation.

Showing your appreciation for your contractor can be as simple as providing lunch during the day of installation. At the end of any successful service, sit down and write a positive referral to share with friends and family. These simple tasks show your appreciation in a practical and appropriate way.