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Prevent Stolen Patio Furniture
Prevent Stolen Patio Furniture

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How To Prevent Patio Furniture from Being Stolen

Ways to Prevent Patio Furniture Theft

With package and mail theft on the rise, it is no surprise that other items go missing throughout our homes and neighborhoods. It may be safe to assume your kids or someone moved something, but it would be hard for kids to make an entire patio furniture set disappear. Investing in heavier furniture may only assist as a partial deterrent.

If you don’t already own your patio furniture and had dreams of shopping soon, make sure you pay attention to certain details to make your life easier. Lighter furniture may appeal but please consider the ease with which a thief could lift and remove your furniture! Heavier furniture is harder to move around once placed but it would at least make it a challenge for thieves. 

So, how do you prevent patio furniture from being stolen? There are several ways to prevent your patio furniture from being stolen including locking it up, purchasing an insurance policy that covers patio furniture, installing security cameras, hiring a house sitter during absences, installing floodlights, and more. 

Anything over 0 value is considered a felony in most states. Make sure you keep receipts from purchases of patio furniture along with any warranty paperwork in case your furniture is damaged during an attempted theft. Try not to purchase anything too flashy to draw attention. Criminals will watch for things like boxes from furniture to be sitting out on the curb to tip their curiosity. A box clearly depicting that you just purchased a large item or items will tip anyone off to your belongings. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best ways to prevent patio furniture theft.

Lock It Up

We generally lock up most of our possessions. We lock vehicles, doors, lockers, and more. You can purchase readymade systems or invent your own. There are several ways to connect all of the furniture in the set and secure it to a post or a strong point on your home, deck, or patio. Ensure that you purchase quality locks and chains or whatever materials you decide works best for you.

As far as lock systems go, you should also consider installing proper locks on any fencing or gates you may have on your property. No fence? No problem. An entire market exists of all kinds of locks to choose from to protect your items. Good locks are an investment. Put down the useless purchases and protect your things!

Insurance Evidence

Patio Furniture TheftCheck your insurance policies and make sure your coverage matches the value of your patio furniture. Also, be sure that your homeowner’s insurance coverage even covers something like patio furniture. Even if your insurance covers the theft of your furniture, having proof of purchase outside of a receipt makes the process much easier.

Once you have your patio furniture set up, document the quality of it by taking pictures to provide your insurance company. It doesn’t hurt to keep any paperwork, receipts, and photos together in the event your furniture is stolen.

Most people find success with putting a helpful binder together. Individuals will use sheet protectors or special folders to keep their receipts and whatnot organized. If you aren’t a binder person, try a lockbox or whatever you think could work for you.

Security Cameras

Many homes utilize security cameras for many reasons. Some use cameras to check on their homes, childcare providers, and animals. You can also install security cameras on the outside of your home or patio that will easily identify any visible thieves trying to help themselves to your property. Most areas have plenty of security companies close by to ask for estimates if you don’t already utilize one. Investing in a feed that records footage is also useful.

Alert Neighbors/Hire House Sitter

Most neighbors are happy to keep an eye out on your home and property while you’re away. If you don’t have a trusted neighbor nearby, you should consider finding a house sitter while you’re gone. If you opt to have someone else check on your belongings, have them vary the schedule in which they check.

Some criminals will watch for patterns and opportunities to sneak in unnoticed to make their steal. Most people are good at realizing when someone or something is out of place. You can help anyone keeping a lookout for your belongings’ proper descriptions. It also never hurts to sweeten the deal by getting them a gift card for coffee or whatever you think is proper thanks for keeping a lookout.

Dogs & Signage

Do you own pets? Dogs not only make great companions but they can also act as your own person Scotland Yard to alert you to potential unwanted visitors and theft of your property. Yard signs are fairly inexpensive at places like Dollar General or Walmart. You can place signs such as, “Beware of Dog,” “You’re on Camera,” or “No Trespassing.”

It never hurts to check with your town or county for any specific guidelines when it comes to posting signs. Also, double-check with your insurance that they don’t require you to have any specific signs posted. Make sure that you have proper signage for whatever security system you do have. Some criminals have been successful in suing homeowners after they were caught because it was considered entrapment!

Flood Lights

Installing floodlights can be a tool not only helpful for theft but also as safety precautions. Make sure to check with your insurance company for discounts for having certain equipment and/or items installed and utilized for security. You can keep theft at bay and pocket the savings!

Floodlights help individuals, vehicles, or animals not only be more visible to surrounding neighbors of passersby but also make them more visible on any security devices such as a video doorbell or security camera.

You can set your floodlights to timers for the darker hours while you’re away. You can also set your cameras on motion-sensing so they immediately turn on if any movement is detected. Make sure that you pay attention to the positioning of the lights so they capture any perpetrators.

Beware of Your Belongings

It should be mentioned that a lot of these tips for protecting your patio furniture can also help you protect everything you’ve worked for as well. Protect your home, family, and animals. It never hurts to have a contingency plan in place. You should always be aware of your insurance coverages and what you own that’s actually covered versus what is not. Be mindful of anything you’ve worked hard for and save yourself the headache of a thief walking off with it.

Avoid another common culprit in patio furniture disappearances – the wind – by reading how to keep patio furniture from blowing away! By implementing these tips, you can be sure that your patio furniture will be ready for your next pool party, barbeque, or afternoon outdoors. 

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