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How to Get Rid of Moles
How to Get Rid of Moles

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8 Ways To Naturally Get Rid of Moles From Yard – You Won’t Believe #6!

Best Ways to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

I recently had a neighborhood mole visit my lawn this fall, and I was uncertain about how to get rid of it without causing it any harm. Using alternative methods like spraying poison and setting traps in my yard was not how I wanted to approach getting rid of the moles.

So, how do you naturally get rid of moles from your yard? We found that pouring natural dish soap down their burrow entrances was an easy and quick way to deter any critter from continuing to mess up our lawn. The smells from the soap irritate moles, which cause them to go elsewhere. We applied this solution to our yard several times for a week and noticed an immediate change in how moles were reacting on our property.

The other great part about using dish soap versus other types of soaps is that it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals or propellants that could harm other animals. The moles left shortly after we poured the soapy water down their holes, and they didn’t come back! This easy method for naturally getting rid of moles works well for us, because it’s safe around pets and kids, plus there are no hazardous chemicals to worry about either.

It seems to me that moles are less common during cold weather months, so I feel confident that the moles in my yard will be gone for some time. If you’re uncertain about how to get rid of moles naturally, then perhaps this solution will help your lawn out as well!

1. Mow the Lawn Higher

Natural Mole SolutionsAccording to Purdue University, when moles are chewing on grubs or other insects in your lawn they are cutting off the air supply to the pest. This causes them to suffocate underneath the soil and die.

When mowing your lawn taller with sharper blades, moles will find it difficult for their sensitive noses to sniff out these tasty treats. So what do moles eat then?

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, moles eat earthworms, grubs, centipedes, snails, and slugs – not good news for homeowners who have a garden!

2. Trap the Mole

This method is exactly as it sounds. To construct a one-way tunnel, mounds of dirt need to be put on either side of the mole’s current burrow path. Once the mounds have been created, fill a plastic bucket with a few inches of water and bury it halfway in the ground at an angle toward where you want moles to exit your lawn.

Place a board over the top to block sunlight from entering and allow moles to naturally travel through this section toward their new home once they realize they can’t get back into their old condo. Make sure that no mounds are blocking their natural path or else they will simply go around them. You can create mounds around these mounds if you need to!

3. Use Fresh Garlic

Moles hate garlic and will avoid it at all costs. Place whole cloves of garlic into the ground around your garden or yard in mounds that are 6 inches deep for best results.

4. Pour Natural Dish Soap Down Their Burrow

Pour a generous amount of natural dish soap down moles burrow entrances while they are active during the day. Then cover them with soil, leaving only their exits above the surface of the ground. They will not be able to get back inside where they sleep or eat after this method.

5. Use Mole Repellents

According to the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, moles hate castor oil, blood meal, human hair, hot pepper sauce, and commercial repellants. You can find commercial or natural moles repellant at your local garden shop or online. These will help moles avoid your yard in the future if they have a bad experience!

6. Install a Water Spigot

If moles are getting into your lawn from a nearby river or lake, then changing the landscape may not be an option. Installing a water spigot near their mounds is another method for how to get rid of moles naturally without hurting them. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, moles do not like water and will move on once they get wet!

7. Re-Sod Your Existing Lawn

Last, but certainly not least is the classic method of re-sodding your lawn. If moles are easily finding their way into your yard then they are most likely living in the grass itself. This means that you need to change out what’s currently there for something else to get rid of moles naturally.

Will Yard Moles Eventually Go Away on Their Own?

Mole SolutionsAccording to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, moles will eventually leave on their own if the food source is gone. Moles live off of earthworms and grubs, so weeding out these pests from your lawn and yard will help moles go away on their own.

This does not mean that moles will not come back though, so if you have a reoccurring mole problem on your hands it might be best to call a professional.

If moles are chewing on grubs or other insects in your lawn, they are cutting off the air supply to the pest which causes them to suffocate underneath the soil and die.

When mowing your lawn taller with sharper blades, moles will find it difficult for their sensitive noses to sniff out these tasty treats. Moles eat earthworms, grubs, centipedes, snails, and slugs – not good news for homeowners who have a garden!

What Attracts Moles to a Yard?

Despite the moles’ preference to stay away from humans, moles are often seen in yards because moles will eat insects and grubs which are attracted to well-maintained lawns.

The moles in the yard may also be there because they like well-drained soil. Moles can dig tunnels that drain water away from the surface. The moles tunneling at the backyard will help aerate the soil, therefore, making it more fertile for plants.

When moles are seen in yards, they usually don’t leave much physical damage on the ground, but they may uproot plants and vegetables growing in your yard if their tunnels go near them. If you don’t want moles in your yard, consider modifying your lawn care practices to attract fewer insects and grubs or trapping moles when necessary.

How Many Moles Can Live in One Yard At a time?

How to Get Rid of MolesA single mole can live in one yard at a time and live with another mole if there’s enough space, otherwise moles will fight each other or simply leave that area.

Moles reside under yards because gophers tend to be more abundant higher up on the surface. They are an underground species that prefer to live in mazes rather than on the surface.

Moles have very poor eyesight but use their long pink claws to sense vibrations around them. They also use their sharp nails to dig through the soil at great speeds.

Moles can travel underground for several meters without being too tired. This is because they have a higher concentration of blood cells in their lungs. This allows moles to breathe more efficiently when traveling underground.

Does Having a Dog Get Rid of Moles?

Moles may not be harmful to humans. However, they can cause some damage if left unchecked. Luckily getting rid of moles is possible by one method that doesn’t involve toxic chemicals – get a dog!

Having a pet dog around will keep moles away naturally because dogs love to dig! Dogs naturally dig holes for many reasons. Some breeds of dogs were bred specifically to hunt small animals like moles, while digging was an instinctual behavior of other breeds used for hunting larger game.

A dog’s instinct is to hunt prey and if it detects something hiding under the ground it will instinctively dig until it reaches its target.

How Long Do Moles Usually Stay In One Yard?

Moles dig many tunnels underground which connects their nest to food sources. This gives moles a large territory that may span several yards or more if moles have access to multiple food sources. Although moles only live about two years, the question remains: How long do moles stay in one yard?

This is a question with no clear answer due to moles’ solitary nature and lack of social interaction with other moles. It is difficult for researchers to study moles because they are very elusive creatures who prefer shallow tunnels near the surface of the ground.

Since they spend most of their time underground, they do not make permanent nests as rodents do. Instead, moles create temporary homes where they rest and store food.

Now you know how to get rid of moles naturally without hurting them or buying expensive equipment! It’s very counter-productive when moles die underground in your yard and you don’t know where. You also wouldn’t want them to suffocate in their tunnels or be weakened by the poison but still alive.

If after trying all 8 methods, and the mole continues to bother you, then call a professional for how to remove moles humanely. Good luck and happy mowing!

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