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how to get rid of rabbits
how to get rid of rabbits
get rid of rabbits on your lawn

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Get Rid of Rabbits in Your Yard Naturally | Remedies that Really Work

Rabbits may look cute and cuddly, but they can cause mass destruction to your yard and garden. They burrow into the ground which can cause uneven footing and lumpy lawns. Rabbits love to snack on all your favorite flowers and grasses, ruining the hours of hard work you’ve spent at creating a polished yard.

How can I naturally get rid of rabbits? There are three options will naturally keep rabbits out of your yard. The first is to scare the rabbits away, the second is to eliminate access to your yard, and the third is to utilize products or plants that will repel rabbits and discourage them from coming into your yard.

Why are rabbits coming in my yard?

One of the first things to consider when getting rid of rabbits is why they are coming into your yard. Eliminating some of the reasons they want to enter you yard in the first place is a good deterrent. The two reasons rabbits enter your yard are for food or safety. If you can remove either of these easily it will fix your problem. Potted plants that rabbits eat that are close to the ground can make a good snack for a hungry rabbit. Moving potted plants to a higher position will eliminate your pest problem. Another way to deter rabbits would be trimming shrubs or bushes that create cover for the rabbits. We’ll also look at other proven methods to get rid of rabbits naturally.

Get Rid of Rabbits in Your Yard Naturally

How do you scare rabbits away?

Devices like scarecrows, decoy owls, decoy snakes, decoy coyote, decoy fox and decoy hawk that are around your yard will scare rabbits away. As we stated above rabbits seek a safe place to hid. When their safety is threatened, they are quick to use their natural defense mechanism and run away. Introducing natural predators or objects that they see as predators is a great way to keep them out of your yard. Animals are unsure of anything they don’t recognize; they don’t know whether to think of it as a friend or foe. The scare device offers an unfamiliar presence that will keep rabbits away. However, when it comes to using scare devices, you run the risk of the rabbits realizing that the device is something they don’t have to fear. For this reason, replace your scare device with a new object every four to five months.

Owls are natural predators for rabbits

American LawnsDo Dogs Scare Rabbits?

Yes, most dogs will typically chase the rabbit out of your yard. Dogs can be an effective way to scare off rabbits and to keep them away for a while. Rabbits consider these animals to be predators. Even, Murphy, our family dog has chased a few out of our yard over the years. Rabbits will also smell your dog’s urine and immediately know that there is a threat in the area. I have found that the dogs help but ultimately the rabbits do come back to the yard when the dog isn’t around. Some dogs have no interest in chasing rabbits and others lose interest over time.

Can you scare a rabbit to death?

Using a dog to keep a rabbit out of your yard is an option that may sound dangerous to the rabbit. We want to be as humane as possible to the rabbit. Can you scare a rabbit to death? Yes, it is possible to scare a rabbit to death but it is not probable. Rabbits are born with an instinct to avoid predators. They are adept at getting away, but there is always an exception to the rule. A rabbit, just like any animal or human under stressful circumstances, could have a heart attack and die.

Will a Fence Keep Rabbits out of My Yard? 

Yes, a fence that is over 2 feet in height and that is either chicken wire, lattice or mesh will keep rabbits out of your yard. These fences are made out of materials that the rabbits can’t slip through. The majority of rabbits won’t try to jump anything over 2 ft in height. So make sure that you fence is high enough to keep the rabbits out. Barrier fences are easy to put up and are considered a humane approach to dealing with a rabbit problem.

Find out other ways a fenced-in yard can be beneficial besides keeping our rabbits by reading our article 10 Reasons to Install a Fence Around Your Yard.

fence to protect yard from rabbits

American LawnsWhat are the best natural rabbit repellents?

Here is a list of the best natural products that keep rabbits out of your yard: Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, Nature’s Mace Deer & Rabbit Repellent, I Must Garden Rabbit Repellent and Animal Stopper Granular Repellent. There are many types of products you can use to repel rabbits from your property. Using a natural rabbit repellent is a simple and easy method that has a high success rate. You can find also use home remedy repellants. Soaking a rag in ammonia and then placing it in your yard will repel rabbits. Using certain oils and spices like lavender and garlic will repel rabbits. You can even go to most hardware stores and find fox urine or coyote urine to spread around your property.

One thing to keep in mind is that a natural repellent will wear off and have to be re-applied regularly to keep the rabbits out. Most repellents will have to be reapplied after rain. You must use these consistently to break the rabbits habit of coming into your yard. 

get rid of rabbits naturally out of your yard

remove rabbits from yardWhat Essential Oils Keep Rabbits Away?

Essential oils are a natural way to keep rabbits out of your yard. It’s important that you use the correct scents to drive the rabbits away. Using five to seven drops of rosemary, mint, peppermint, lemon balm, or eucalyptus on a cotton ball will repel rabbits. Place the cotton balls at the entry point to the yard or around plants that you’d like to protect. Rabbits have a strong sense of smell so just a small amount will go a long way when it comes to keeping rabbits out of your yard.

What plants keep rabbits away?

Here is a list of plants and flowers that will keep rabbits away: garlic, Veronica, Siberian iris, bee balm, yarrow, Russian sage, Mexican marigolds, Dusty Miller, lavender, yarrow, butterflyweed, Russian sage, stylophorum, lavender, sweet alyssum, ageratum, lantana, blue fescue grass, cleome, and lamb’s ear.

Rabbits love to eat many of the plants and grasses in your yard and garden. One way you can deter rabbits from your yard is by planting plants that rabbits don’t like to eat. Wild animals go where the food is, and if there’s no food on your property, the rabbits will find someplace else. If you like variety in your yard or garden, then this may not be the method for you when it comes to removing rabbits from your property. However, it will ensure that there are no unwanted surprises of eaten up shrubbery and uneven grass.

what plants keep rabbits out of your yard?

Will animal control pick up wild rabbits?

Unfortunately most local Animal Control won’t remove rabbits from your yard. Their focus on is on animals that could be a threat. You may call your local office and see if they are willing to remove the rabbits. They will typically do it in a humane way. You can trap and remove the rabbits yourself, but certain trapping laws must be followed depending on where you live. Animal control knows these laws and will be sure to follow them properly or help you to do it yourself.

Animal control workers are professionals that know the specifics of trapping and removing rabbits. It can be dangerous to work alongside wild animals; however, animal control has been trained on how to handle and manage these animals. Local pest control can also work to trap the rabbits over some time so that they’re able to remove the population effectively. This allows you to go on about your day rather than trying to catch some pesky rabbits!

Does mowing help keep rabbits away?

Yes, one way you can deter rabbits from venturing into your yard is by regularly mowing your grass and keeping it from getting too tall. Rabbits are small animals that use their surroundings to their advantage. They love to hide and burrow in tall grass where they’re easily concealed from predators. 

Nothing scares a wild animal more than being out in the open where predators can easily see them. By keeping your grass short, rabbits wouldn’t risk showing themselves for every hawk, fox, and cat to see. In the warmer months, set a routine where you mow your lawn 1 – 2x a week to keep the grass from getting too long and too tempting for rabbits.

Will a clean yard keep rabbits away?

Besides tall grass, rabbits also flock to clutter and objects that may conceal them better. If you have lawn ornaments, rocks, tall drooping plants in your garden, and furniture in your yard, you are creating an environment where a family of rabbits would thrive. Having a clean yard will help keep rabbits away.

First, notice the areas of your yard where the rabbits may be finding the greatest benefit of concealment. Any object that a rabbit could fit under it a great place to start. Rid your yard of dark places and shelters so the rabbits won’t have any place to burrow and hide. Get rid of big rocks and move lawn ornaments and furniture to the patio; the rabbits will be reluctant to travel past the confines of the grass.

get rid of rabbitsWill Coffee Grounds Keep Rabbits Away?

Coffee is has a very strong scent and can be a deterrent for a variety of animals and insects. Rabbits have a sensitive nose and are repelled by the aroma of coffee grounds. Rabbits will avoid any area where coffee grounds have been sprinkled. A great way to create an environment that your rabbit won’t want to be apart of is to place coffee grounds in entry points to the yard or a regular basis. Rain and dew will diminish the effect of the coffee grounds over time. This may not be a good long term solution but it could buy you time as you patch holes in your fence or clean up your yard.

Does Straw Keep Rabbits out of the Garden?

Prey animals like to sneak about as quiet as they can so that they don’t alert the predators that they’re there. This is one reason why rabbits love grass; they can move through it silently without being detected. If you have small sticks, dead leaves, or straw in your yard, you immediately make the rabbit’s movements heard. Rabbits will avoid areas that they can’t sneak through quietly. You can deter rabbits from your yard by laying down straw or leaving dead leaves in your yard.

How do I get rid of rabbits under my shed?

Rabbits can utilize a tunnel system to create a nest under a shed. To get rid of rabbits that have made a home under you shed you can utilize a humane rabbit trap. At this point a repellent may not be enough to get the job done especially if they have baby rabbits under the shed also. Utilize a carrot or lettuce to bait the trap. Once caught, you can move them to a wood area away from your home and release them. Then, utilize the repellent methods above to keep them out in the future. If this situation has advanced to having more than one or two rabbits you may want to call in professional help.

get rabbits from under your shedremove rabbits from yardHow do I get rid of rabbits under my house?

If you home has a crawl space or area that a rabbit can access they will utilize this as a safe haven or may even make it home. This could lead to a rabbit infestation with tunnels and holes called a warren. If they have made a burrow under your home, you will need to relocate them. Using the trap and remove method, you can take the rabbits to a new home far away from your home. Once you have removed the rabbits, make sure to prevent future issues by closing any holes or access points under your home. Depending on the number of rabbits it may be time to call in professional help.

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