Keeping Rabbits Off Your Lawn: 10 Simple Solutions

How to Keep Rabbits Off Your Lawn

Rabbits may look cute and cuddly, but they can cause mass destruction to your yard and garden. They burrow into the ground which can cause uneven footing and lumpy lawns. Rabbits love to snack on all your favorite flowers and grasses, ruining the hours of hard work you’ve spent at creating a polished yard.

What are some ways to keep rabbits off your lawn? Here are 10 simple solutions that will repel rabbits off of your property:

Mow Your Lawn Regularly

Rabbits are small animals that use their surroundings to their advantage. They love to hide and burrow in tall grass where they’re easily concealed from predators. One way you can deter rabbits from venturing into your yard is by regularly mowing your grass and keeping it from getting too tall.

Nothing scares a wild animal more than being out in the open where predators can easily see them. By keeping your grass short, rabbits wouldn’t risk showing themselves for every hawk, fox, and cat to see. In the warmer months, set a routine where you mow your lawn 1 – 2x a week to keep the grass from getting too long and too tempting for rabbits.

Clean Up Any Clutter In Your Yard

Besides tall grass, rabbits also flock to clutter and objects that may conceal them better. If you have lawn ornaments, rocks, tall drooping plants in your garden, and furniture in your yard, you are creating an environment where a family of rabbits would thrive.

First, notice the areas of your yard where the rabbits may be finding the greatest benefit of concealment. Any object that a rabbit could fit under it a great place to start. Rid your yard of dark places and shelters so the rabbits won’t have any place to burrow and hide.

Get rid of big rocks and move lawn ornaments and furniture to the patio; the rabbits will be reluctant to travel past the confines of the grass.

Add a Barrier Fence Around Your Lawn or Garden

An easy way to keep rabbits out of your yard or garden is by putting up a barrier fence around the perimeter of your property. You can consider chicken wire or lattice fencing to keep the rabbits out.

These fences should have material that the rabbits can’t slip through and it should be high enough so that they can’t hop over. The majority of rabbits won’t try to jump anything over 2 ft in height.

If you need a do-it-yourself type of fencing, read this article to get a step-by-step guide to rabbit-proofing your lawn. Barrier fences are easy to put up and are considering a humane approach to dealing with a rabbit problem.

Find out other ways a fenced-in yard can be beneficial besides keeping our rabbits by reading our article 10 Reasons to Install a Fence Around Your Yard.

Let Your Dog or Cat Outside

An effective way to scare off rabbits is to let your dog or cat out into your yard. Rabbits consider these animals to be predators, which is no surprise since I’ve had my cat leave a dead rabbit on the doorstep one too many times.

Rabbits will smell your dog’s urine in your yard and immediately know that there is a threat in the area. They’ll steer clear and give your property a wide berth from here on out.

While this idea may work for you, some people don’t want dogs on their lawn. See how you can keep dogs off of your property by reading this article, Keeping Dogs Off Your Lawn: 7 Reliable Solutions.

Put Scare Devices Around the Perimeter of Your Property

An easy method to rid your property of rabbits is by putting scare devices around the perimeter of your property or in your garden. A scare device is an inanimate object, like a scarecrow or a rubber toy snake, that you can use to frighten animals away.

Animals are unsure of anything they don’t recognize; they don’t know whether to think of it as a friend or foe. The scare device offers an unfamiliar presence that will keep the animals away.

However, when it comes to using scare devices, you run the risk of the animal realizing that the device is something they don’t have to be afraid of. For this reason, replace your scare device with a new object every few months.

Use Repellant to Keep Rabbits Away

There are many types of products you can use to repel rabbits from your property. Using a rabbit repellent is a simple and easy method that has a high success rate.

You cand find home remedy repellants where you simply soak a rag in ammonia and then stick it in your yard. Some repellants use certain oils and spices like lavender and garlic. You can even go to most hardware stores and find fox urine or coyote urine to spread around your property.

One thing to keep in mind is that the repellent will wear off and have to be re-applied regularly to keep the rabbits out. Most repellents will have to be reapplied after rain. To see the five best rabbit repellents out there, check out this article.

Plant Types of Plants That Will Deter Rabbits From Reeking Havoc

Rabbits love to eat many of the plants and grasses in your yard and garden. One way you can deter rabbits off of your property is by planting plants that rabbits don’t like to eat. Wild animals go where the food is, and if there’s no food on your property, the rabbits will find someplace else.

Rabbits love marigolds, timothy grass, and the majority of vegetable plants you grow in your garden. On the other hand, rabbits can’t stand garlic, lavender, blue fescue grass, lamb’s ear, and any plant that may have sharp spikes.

If you like variety in your garden, then this may not be the method for you when it comes to removing rabbits from your property. However, it will ensure that there are no unwanted surprises of eaten up shrubbery and uneven grass.

To learn more about plants that rabbits don’t like, read this article.

Call Animal Control to Rid Your Property of Rabbits

One of the most effective ways to remove rabbits from your lawn is by calling animal control. While you may feel like you can trap and remove the rabbits yourself, certain trapping laws must be followed depending on where you live. Animal control knows these laws and will be sure to follow them properly.

Animal control workers are professionals that know the specifics of trapping and removing rabbits. It can be dangerous to work alongside wild animals; however, animal control has been trained on how to handle and manage these animals.

Pest control can work to trap the rabbits over some time so that they’re able to remove the population effectively. This allows you to go on about your day rather than trying to catch some pesky rabbits!

Have Your Kids Go Outside and Play Often

As prey animals, rabbits will avoid any area where there seems to be a lot of chaos. Chaos means predators and more distractions. A great way to create an environment that your rabbit friends won’t want to be apart of is to have your kids go out and play in your yard.

Kids run fast, make a lot of noise, and chase cute critters. If your kids are playing in your yard often, the rabbits will learn that this isn’t the place to be.

Lay Straw Throughout Your Yard

Prey animals like to sneak about as quiet as they can so that they don’t alert the predators that they’re there. This is one reason why rabbits love grass; they can move through it silently without being detected.

If you have small sticks, dead leaves, or straw in your yard, you immediately make the rabbit’s movements heard. Rabbits will avoid areas that they can’t sneak through quietly. You can deter rabbits from your yard by laying down straw or leaving dead leaves in your yard.

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