Snakes are common pests that grace thousands of lawns each year. Not only can they scary and icky, but they can also be poisonous and dangerous. Unfortunately, we’re not all Saint Patrick. However, there are some other methods you can use to get snakes out of your yard.

What are some ways to keep snakes out of your yard?

  • Call Pest Control Services
  • Use Commercial Snake Repellent
  • Snake Fence Barrier
  • Seal Cracks
  • Plant Lemongrass
  • Invest in Poultry
  • Use Sulfer
  • Get a Cat or Dog
  • Research Oils
  • Get Rid of Pests
  • Set Traps
  • Use Fox Scent
  • Keep Your Yard Maintained
  • Clean Up Debris Piles
  • Eliminate Dark Hidden Places


There are many options to choose from when it comes to keeping snakes out of your yard. They range from obtrusive and chemical options to more inconspicuous and natural methods.

Call Pest Control Services

If you know you have snakes around but want absolutely nothing to do with them, call pest control services. These professionals will inspect your home, remove any snakes they find, then take measures to ensure that they won’t come back.

Use Snake Repellent

Ultrasonic Snake Repellent

Snake Repellent Scent

Snake Fence Barrier

Snake Fence

Seal Cracks

Snakes love to hide in cracks. My parents had a retention wall around their property made from old logs. The old logs had cracks and holes throughout, which made some pretty great hiding places. According to my dad, when they ripped out the retention wall, he saw hundreds of snakes fleeing across the field and into the woods… So glad I did not see that.

Plant Lemongrass

Invest in Poultry

Having some chickens or guinea fowl around can help keep snakes out of your yard. The birds will eat off the snake’s food supply, like bugs and small rodents. Guinea fowl are great birds that will actually attack and eat small snakes.

Use Sulfur

Get a Cat or Dog

I have a little terrier mutt. One day, I was standing in my kitchen when heard excessive barking and growling from the backyard. Thinking that my dog was warding off a stranger, I run outside. I find my dog sitting there with a dead snake in her mouth and a wagging tail.

Pets, like cats and dogs, will usually take care of snakes if they happen to find one slithering about. Other animals are just as peeved by snakes as we are.

Research Oils

Get Rid of Pests

Snakes love your average pest; mice, rats, insects, moles…you name it; they’ll eat it. If a snake knows that they can rely on your property to provide a meal, you’ll soon start to see a bunch of slickering critters lurking around.

Use Fox Scent

Snakes consider foxes to be predators. If a snake smells that a fox is close by, it will likely not go near the specific area.

Fox Urine

Keep Your Yard Maintained

One of the best ways to keep snakes out of your yard is to properly maintain your lawn and the shrubbery around it. Cutting the grass regularly and keeping overgrowth at bay will go a long way when it comes ridding off snakes.

Overgrown lawns and gardens tend to create great hiding areas for those snakes. It can also create dark and shadowed areas that snakes will love to slither to on hot days.

Clean Up Debris Piles

Eliminate Dark Hidden Places

In the heat of the day, snakes will slink back to the dark hidden places in order to avoid the sun’s heat. This could be under a porch or in the shade of some thick bushes. If your property is prone to attracting these creepy crawlies, start looking for dark places you can eliminate.

Snakes are particularly fond of the dark damp space found under a porch. To discourage snakes from hiding there, trim back bushes and tall vegetation that may block off the bottom of the porch.