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Top 5 Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer for Large Yards

A cordless hedge trimmer is a handy tool to have if you are looking after hedges and shrubs.

Fertilizing Your Large Yard For Fall

It’s time to fertilize now that the fall has arrived. Why should you fertilize your grass in the fall? Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will strengthen its roots, giving them a solid foundation on which to flourish next spring and help you get through the winter. Fertilizing your yard in the fall is also a great preventative measure against insect infestation, which can easily ravage your lawn during the colder months of the year.

What Kind of Fertilizer do I need For Fall?

A fertilizer with a formula of 20-8-8 will get it growing again. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended rate of application. Some people treat weeds and insects at this time. Unless there are signs of trouble or a history of problems, don’t apply anything but fertilizer.

  • It is necessary to apply a lawn fertilizer dose of 20 pounds in September.
  • You need to apply an application in the final days of October or early November is essential.
  • At that time, use a fertilizer with a formulation of 13-25-12.

The push of phosphorus will stimulate root growth through November and even into early December. By helping roots grow before winter sets in, you are ensuring that the lawn will green up quicker in the spring and become more resistant to disease and drought.

How Much Fertilizer Should I Use For A Large Yard?

The amount of genuine nitrogen required by a lawn each year is determined by fertilizer recommendations. The quantity of grass fertilizer you choose to apply should be based on a variety of factors, including the sort of grass you planted and the size of your lawn.

  • You need to know, what size and what type of grass your lawn is?
  • Different grasses require varying amounts of nitrogen to keep them robust and healthy.
  • The chart below shows the yearly nitrogen requirements for 1,000 square feet of the most popular lawn grasses.

Grasses Annual Nitrogen Requirement:

Bentgrass- 1.75 pounds

Kentucky bluegrass- 1.25 pounds

Centipede grass- 0.5 pounds

St. Augustine grass- 0.88 pound

Zoysiagrass- 2 to 3 pounds per thousand square feet

Buffalograss- 0.1 pound per thousand square feet

Ryegrass- 1.25 pounds per thousand square feet

Fescue- 0.5 pounds per thousand square feet


The fall is a great time to fertilize and ready your yard for the colder months ahead. Take into consideration the amount of grass you have and the type of grass before applying fertilizer so that you don’t over or under-fertilize. Fertilizing in September will help provide your lawn with a solid foundation to flourish next spring.



Below Is Our Top Choices For 2021:

1. Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed and Feed 3: Covers up to 15,000 Sq Ft

Fall is the best time to feed, and with Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed and Feed3. This lawn food is formulated to deliver the nutrients lawns need in the fall, repairing damage from the heat and drought of the summer and ensuring a better lawn in the spring. It delivers 100% nutrition in every granule, so your lawn gets all of the food with none of the filler, all the while killing weeds for less weeds next spring. Feed in the fall for a better lawn next spring.


This stuff really does kill crab grass. I had a terrible infestation of crab grass this summer because of all the rain we had. I never used any kind of chemical on my lawn and was apprehensive to use this but the problem was so bad, I really had no choice. It literally killed even the mature crab grass and didn’t harm the other grass in the yard. I did have to replant grass because some of the areas of crab grass were so big that after it was dead, I was left with big patches of dead areas. But it was dead areas of crab grass NOT the other grass. Would definitely recommend.

Weight: 43.1 pounds

Dimensions: 16 x 5.3 x 24 inches

4.6 out of 5

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2. Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food, 12.5 lb. – Lawn Fertilizer Feeds and Strengthens Grass to Protect Against Future Problems

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food helps you to build a thick, green lawn. This lawn fertilizer is formulated with Scotts exclusive All-In-One Particles to provide an even greening and feeding. Apply Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food to build strong, deep roots, and strengthen your lawn to help protect it against future problems. It thickens your grass to crowd out new weeds and improves your lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients versus an unfed lawn. Apply to any grass type.


Have used this for over 25 yrs and never burned my lawn. Very good product. Too much applied and little watering, yes you will burn your lawn. Gave this a 4 because product was lumpy from too much moisture where amazon stores it. You may wish to avoid if you can’t sift before spreading

Weight: 12.6 pounds

Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 3.25 inches

4.6 out of 5

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3. Jonathan Green & Sons Inc (12414) Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer

Jonathan Green 12414 Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer 50-pound prepares your lawn for the winter by providing a well balanced formula. Use it to keep your lawn greener later into the year. Fertilizer promotes root growth and stores nutrients for the spring. Application 4 of our annual lawn care program. Ideal for fall seeding.


So far so good.. springtime will be the best review factor. However I will say my grass is DEFINITELY greener than my neighbors..CONSIDERABLY NOTICEABLY. So much so that I can SEE EVERY SPOT I MISSED DURING APPLICATION. The picture speaks for itself!

Weight: 45.2 pounds

Dimensions: 15 x 3.5 x 25 inches

4.7 out of 5

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4. Jonathan Green & Sons Inc 12400 10-0-20 Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer

Jonathan Green 12400 10-0-20 Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer 15-pound prepares your lawn for the winter by providing a well balanced formula. Use it to keep your lawn greener later into the year. Fertilizer promotes root growth and stores nutrients for the spring. Application 4 of our annual lawn care program. Ideal for fall seeding.


Although its bagged for Winter and good for multiple grasses during that season, this blend makes for a great Summer fertilizer for a Centipede lawn. Low Nitrogen, no Phosphorus, and a nice amount of special K. Don’t let the Winter label hold you back

Weight: 15.03 pounds

Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 3.5 inches

4.6 out of 5

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5. Greenview 2129858 Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer

GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer is a premium quality fall fertilizer formulation that encourages root growth for winter hardiness and quick spring green-up. Nearly 60% slow release nitrogen content with no phosphate 30-0-12 helps protect our waterways. It promotes deep green turf, brilliant lawn color and thick, lush growth. Expect steady, even greening without surge growth and fewer clippings for up to 12 weeks. Backed by 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.


Arrived on time and as described. Really takes time to yield results. In this state with normal cold winters, our grass typically won’t show much till spring. But was easy to spread and good directions on how to spread depending on the type of spreader.

Weight: 22.5 pounds

Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 3.5 inches

4.6 out of 5

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In Conclusion:

Finding the right cordless trimmer for your small yard can be a tough decision with all of the available options. It might be a good idea to see how long it takes to mow your lawn. You may need more or less run time for some of the options above. The purchase of an additional battery could save you a lot of head ache and wasted time by adding the extra power you will need for your small yard.

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