Best Fertilizer Spreaders For Lawns:

If you’re someone who takes pride in your lawn, then you know it’s important to have the right tools to help you maintain it and that’s why you need a drop spreader. A drop spreader allows you to apply fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, seeds, and other lawn treatments in a more targeted way by only applying directly beneath the spreader. This means you can avoid areas where you don’t want to apply your lawn treatments such as on your sidewalk or driveway. Drop spreaders come in both manual and motorized versions. A manual drop spreader may be all you need if you have a small lawn. But if you have a large lawn, or if you plan to use your drop spreader on a regular basis, then a motorized version may be a better choice. So, what are the top drop spreaders for lawns of 2022?

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Drop Spreaders For Lawns In 2022: 

So, now that we know a little about the top drop spreaders for lawns of 2022, let’s examine each of these top drop spreaders that are highly rated and highly recommended by us in greater detail!

Top Drop Spreaders For Lawns 2022

1. Scotts 76565 Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

The Scott Lawn Hopper is an amazing machine that can hold up to 10,000 sq. ft of your favorite lawn care products! It has a heavy-duty frame for stability and it’s easy enough even first time users should be able to make this work with ease thanks in part to its 22-inch spread pattern which provides maximum coverage accuracy every time – no matter if you’re seed or fertilizer gardening alike because they both come pre calibrations so there isn’t anything left out on their plate when using these features together effectively at minimum overlap distance.


5.0 out of 5 stars – Small, easy to use.

This thing works great for my needs. I have a small lawn and a small garage. If you have a 1/4 acre lot and a bunch of grass you’d probably want something bigger, but for small jobs, easy maneuverability, and easy storage, this fits the bill.

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2. At Home 75 lb. Drop Spreader

This Drop Spreader from Agri-Fab is perfect for all-season use! It can carry up to 75 pounds of seed, fertilizer, and granular materials with ease. This black poly tray has an overall depth measuring 42 inches wide by 31 deep – making it easy on your hands when carrying heavy loads at work or home duties alike. The 10-inch diameter wheel makes turning over large plots simple without getting stuck too easily; while handle construction ensures that you don’t strain yourself trying not only to hold onto something but also turn around after one direction


5.0 out of 5 stars – Drop seeds where you want them.
We love using this to plant grass, it drops it straight down without mixing in areas you don’t wish grass seeds to go. It’s also well-built & easy to use.


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3. Chapin International 8303C Chapin Professional SureSpread Spreader

The Chapin International 8303C Chapin Professional SureSpread Spreader is perfect for tackling any lawn care project. This spreader features a durable, corrosion-resistant poly hopper that holds up to 17 gallons of fertilizers, pesticides, or seeds. The ergonomic handle and adjustable shoulder strap make it comfortable to use and easy to maneuver. The spreader ensures even coverage over large areas with its heavy-duty, dual-action agitator and adjustable brass shut-off system. This commercial-grade spreader is built to last and can be used for years of dependable service. With its professional features and long-lasting construction, the Chapin International 8303C Chapin Professional SureSpread Spreader is an ideal choice for homeowners and professionals alike. Get your lawn care jobs done faster and easier with this top-of-the-line spreader from Chapin International.

The Contractor Series is the perfect tool for any professional contractor or homeowner! The Turf Spreader by cultivating is a high-quality product that will make your job easier. Made of steel and powder coated so it doesn’t rust or get dirty easily in this weatherproof environment where you use them most often – their 12″ wide tires provide stability on different types of surfaces while spreading grass seed around fields with ease thanks to its t handle design which allows leverage when lifting heavy loads up off ground absolutely effortlessly even if they’re full weight bags!


4.0 out of 5 stars – Nice spreader
A Pain to put together but once it’s together it’s pretty nice.


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4. Scotts Elite Spreader

The Scotts Elite Spreader is the perfect tool for maintaining your lawn. With its easy-to-use design and adjustable settings, you can spread granular fertilizer, seed, or ice melt quickly and uniformly over your entire lawn. The large hopper capacity makes it easier to cover more ground in less time – up to 20,000 square feet in just one go. It’s equipped with a cushioned handle that makes it comfortable to use and its ergonomic design helps you get the job done faster. Plus, its built-in calibration settings help ensure accurate coverage and precise application every time. So, if you’re looking for a reliable way to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful, the Scotts Elite Spreader is a perfect choice.

The Scotts Elite Spreader offers more than just convenience – it’s designed to be reliable, too. It features a gearbox system that ensures precise application each and every time you use it so that your lawn gets the exact amount of fertilizer, seed or ice melt it needs. It’s made with high-quality materials, too, so you can be sure it won’t rust or wear out over time. Its sturdy design also ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.


5.0 out of 5 stars – Small, easy to use.
This thing works great for my needs. I have a small lawn and a small garage. If you have a 1/4 acre lot and a bunch of grass you’d probably want something bigger, but for small jobs, easy maneuverability, and easy storage, this fits the bill.


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5. Broadcast Spreader – Classic Drop Spreader

Spread the lawn with ease using this powerful machine. With a large capacity hopper and heavy-duty frame for stability, you can spread up 10K sq ft of seed which will provide maximum coverage accuracy! It’s a versatile tool that can help you quickly and evenly spread fertilizer, grass seed, and other materials across your yard or garden. With its adjustable settings, you can easily customize the amount of material you want to spread, ensuring that your lawn or garden receives the exact amount of nutrients it needs.

A broadcast spreader is also an ideal choice for those who want to apply materials in hard-to-reach areas, such as around shrubbery and trees. Its large, spinning discs can be used to easily reach tight corners without leaving clumps of material behind. With its ease of use and accurate application, it’s no wonder why a broadcast spreader is such an essential tool for any lawn care professional. It will save you time and effort while ensuring that your yard looks its best! This comes fully assembled so that all it takes are adjustments on your end!


4.0 out of 5 stars – Works well!
Came in a replacement box. Appears to be a floor model. Only needed unfolding. Came through the side of the box. No paperwork included. No instructions for adjusting the rate of application, No warranty. It was delivered by USPS and was so big it required a separate trip from the post office.


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Remember that with these fertilizer spreaders or any other one you may get, it’s important to calibrate it properly. This will ensure that the correct amount of fertilizer or other treatment is applied to your lawn. Most drop spreaders have adjustable settings that allow you to do this. Drop spreaders can be a great way to get the most out of your lawn care products. By applying them in a more targeted way, you can avoid wasting expensive lawn products and ensure that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs. Thank you so much for reading this article on the top five drop spreaders for lawns of 2022!