Why Choose a Battery Powered Auger

An auger is a powered tool so you don’t need to worry about the trouble of working with a cord. It also saves your energy since running back and forth to unplug it or plug it in won’t be necessary.

Batteries can simply be recharged when they run out of power, unlike gas-powered tools which require you to refuel them when they run out of gas.

You can use a cordless model anywhere you need a hole, as long as it has reasonable access to electricity. For example, in some areas, it may be difficult (or impossible) to find gas or diesel fuel for your power tools. In many places, there isn’t enough sunlight or wind to power up the solar and wind-powered tools that some people use.

Most cordless tools don’t produce any pollution, unlike gas-powered ones which can release fumes that are harmful to people and other living things (such as the plants in your garden).

A battery-powered auger doesn’t require a strong body because you only need to hold it in place while the battery does all the work. In addition, you won’t need to carry heavy or awkward gas cans around with you, so your back will definitely thank you when using a cordless auger.

It’s more convenient if you own a battery-powered tool since it means that there is no need to have extra equipment to use it. For instance, there are gas-powered augers that require diesel fuel or gasoline canisters for them to work, but the cordless models only require batteries because they are powered by electricity.

Below you will find the best battery-powered auger on the market today. It is a high-performance model, meaning it is capable of digging holes in even hard material like compacted clay or rocky ground. It has positive customer feedback to give you added assurance when making your choice.

The Best Cordless Auger For Fence Posts:

LANDEARTH Auger Power Head Steel 6″ Inch x 30″ Inch Bit Heavy Duty Electric Cordless Lithium Ion Battery for Earth Burrowing Drilling Post Hole Digging (Earth Auger 6″ Inch Set)

The Landworks Earth Auger Power Head Steel is Powered by an all-electric brushless motor that produces an output of 320RPMs Reverse Torque Control (RTC) Button, to quickly eject the auger fast and efficiently. It is Eco-friendly. Unlike gasoline augers, battery-powered produce no smog and are quieter. The Whole kit weighing only 22 Lbs. Earth Auger setup can dig approx 30 holes (with a 2Ah battery at 88.8 Watt-Hours) or 60 holes (with a 4Ah battery at 177.6 Watt Hours).

Review: VERY impressive auger. Used it in rocky, summer-dried soil. Of course, it will not remove bowling ball-sized rocks but most of the smaller stuff took out with no problem. I would have paid a lot more for this auger – WELL worth the money. Watch my attached time-lapse video.

2021 Best Auger for Fence Post

Landworks Earth Auger Power Head Steel 6 Inch x 30 Inch Bit Heavy Duty Electric Cordless Lithium Ion Battery for Earth Burrowing Drilling Post Hole Digging (Earth Auger 6 Inch)

2021 Best Auger